Milestone Birthday!

 My Grandfather lived until he was 91. He was my only living Grandfather that I grew up with. He was my main man (besides my Dad that is) for a long time. The last few years I spent with him were some of the hardest yet I am grateful I was there with him and wouldn't change it for the world.

That is why, when I was asked by Gretchen over at Three Little Monkeys Studio to create cookies for her Grandmother's 90th Surprise Birthday (how fun is that?!)... I so wanted to do this. She told me her Gram was a avid canner and planted Zinnias all over her property. This sounded so beautiful to me. I also grew up eating my Noni's canned goods and pulling carrots from the garden, which my Pop washed under the hose and we devoured them immediately.

90 years is definitely something to celebrate!!! Here's to more and more healthy, happy years to come and many more memories to make! Happy Birthday!!!

And of course a few Happy Birthday cookies for the Birthday Girl!