Back to school!

I can't believe it's already back-to-school time, and it still feels like it's 200 degrees outside. It just seems all wrong. I am excited about it being back-to-school time, however, because it means that hopefully cooler weather is somewhere in the future. Distant future, but I'll take it! I was also super-excited when my friend Alison asked me to make some school-themed cookies for her daughter's first day of school. I had been wanting to make some and I was so happy to have the chance! I got a lot of ideas from Sugarbelle (of course) and Flickr too.

Of course a back-to-school set must include apples :)

The finished platter!

Thanks Alison!!! I hope the teachers love them :)

Baby cookies

I was going to title this post "Baby Bites", since it's about a bunch of baby cookie bites, but that just sounds a little weird. :) So we'll stick with baby cookies. :) Shellie contacted me about making eleven dozen cookie bites for a baby shower she was hosting. It was really fun to do these!

These bottles are teeny tiny!!

They wouldn't all fit on one plate, so I separated them.

Thanks again so much, Shellie!!


Holaaaaaa a tod@s!!!
¿Que tal el veranito,disfrutando de los últimos días???
Espero que hayas descansado y repuesto fuerzas......yo, no he parado ni un solo día,he tenido el placer de conocer a Patricia de que vino un día a la tienda, un verdadero encanto,conocí a Cristina de aunque fue muy rápido y no pudimos hablar nada, a la próxima,espero!!!! Y ademas conocí a Alis de , otro encanto de mujer!!!!

Bueno, vengo con un montón de novedades,aunque iré poco a poco.....sin estrés,ja,ja,ja.... después de las vacas es lo que toca y quería hacer esta entrada para anunciaros lo siguiente:



 En Chic-Cookies, estamos encantados de recibir a DEBBIE BROWN, y organizar para vosotros tres intensos días de cursos. DEBBIE BROWN,  es una famosa y mundial mente conocida Cake Designer, es profesora de sugarcraft, autora de númerosos libros, especialista en modelado y esculturas de tartas. DEBBIE BROWN, dedica la mayor parte de su tiempo viajando por el mundo, enseñando su técnica, sus trucos, secretos, etc…
Es una juez respetada en ferias y competiciones de tartas, y miembro acreditado de la asociación Britanica del Sugarcraft. DEBBIE BROWN, os quiere enseñar todas las técnicas y trucos para un modelado perfecto, y que consigáis hacer unas tartas únicas, irrepetibles y de ensueño.
 Debbie enseña en un ambiente relajado, informal, con mucha atención y paciencia.
Para ello, los días13, 14 y 15 de Enero de 2012, se realizaran los siguientes cursos, repartidos en los tres días.


Aprende a crear esta caprichosa JUST MARRIED boda TOPPER. Ese día aprenderás a realizar esta escultura de coche de bodas con los novios utilizando todas las técnicas de modelado.
Horario de 10.30 a 13.30 y 14.30 a 17.30 horas
Día completo, comida incluida
Precio: 220 euros por persona.(Plazas limitadas)
Todos los materiales están incluidos. 


Este día aprende a crear estos adorables gatitos, escultura sacada del reciente libro de Debbie "Baby Cakes".DEBBIE BROWN aplicara todas las técnicas de modelado .
Horario de 10.30 a 13.30 y 14.30 a 17.30 horas
Día completo, comida incluida
Precio: 220 euros por persona.(Plazas limitadas)
Todos los materiales están incluidos.


En este curso se aprenderá a realizar las mejores técnicas de modelado: Cara, Brazos, Manos, Piernas, Pies, etc….
Horario de 10.30 a 13.30 y 14.30 a 17.30 horas
Día completo, comida incluida
Precio: 220 euros por persona.(Plazas limitadas)
Todos los materiales están incluidos.
Todos los cursos se realizaran en nuestro atelier de Chic Cookies.
Para reservar y garantizar la plaza hay que realizar una cantidad del 50% del importe total del curso. Plazas limitadas.
Información y reserva en: CHIC COOKIES
Tl: 961461207/655425463 preguntar por Isabel

A que es fantástico,estoy deseandito tenerla aquí y aprender un montón y mas con lo negada que soy yo en el modelaje!!!!!
Bueno, a partir de la semana que viene ya me pongo las pilas y me paso por vuestros blogs!!!!!

Hasta pronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Baby Feet and Bibs...


I have been wanting to do some owls for a long time......I just think they are so cute. Well, the other day I took my nieces to the mall, and they each picked out a few pieces of jewelry for school. It became a joke that Andrea, the youngest, picked out all of the owl jewelry in the mall, since everything she liked had owls on it. :) So I thought it was only fitting that I make her some owl cookies for her birthday!

Not the greatest pic lighting-wise, but I wanted a chance to use my new boxes!

Medical bites

I had some extra dough to play around with, and I had seen an idea online (I am so sorry I forgot where, but it was most likely Sugarbelle :)) for some medical-themed cookies that I had been wanting to try. I took them to my sons' doctors' office.

Horse Cake

I very rarely say this... this is my favorite cake I've done so far. The horse is actually a replica of one of the horses in the barn (Klair's horse...Carlos). I'm absolutely thrilled with how this cake turned out!

Thomas the Train

After several failed gumpaste Thomas the Train attempts...I finally settled on buying a toy...sigh... My version of Thomas made him look MAD! At least the cookies turned out...of course my husband ate 1/2 of the first batch...LOL... sigh.... at least I had frozen cookie dough so I could whip up a batch quickly!

Welcome Baby!

Welcome Baby Katelyn! These cookies were delivered to a new little addition this weekend. Well... to her parents of course. Hope they enjoy. Made with love

Baby boy onesies

My friend mary from high school saw some of the onesie cookies that I had done on Facebook, and ordered some onesies for a friend that just had a baby. These are boy onesie this time!

I'm trying to learn how to make the pictures a little more interesting, instead of just putting them all on a plate :)

I love doing onesies!

Thank you Mary!! I hope your friend enjoys them!

Cookie bites

I was playing around with some extra dough and made a few cookie bites for Jake and Noah's teachers at school.

Some itty-bitty baby bites :)

Zebra bites :)


You know, I never know if I am spelling that correctly or not......I consider myself a pretty good speller but that word gets me every time. Is it 'superheroes' or 'superheros' or 'super heros' or something else entirely? Oh well, since I can't figure it out, I'll just go ahead and post some pictures of them, however they're spelled! :)

My friend Alissa from high school asked for a dozen SH (much better!), and a dozen J's and 1's for a little birthday boy. Here they are :)

Alissa let me have creative liberty with the letters and numbers, so to some I added little designs, and to the others I simply put sanding sugar. I love sanding sugar :)

Thank you so much Alissa!! It was so good to see you again! :)


This week my parents came for a visit from Canada with lots of yummy goodies. They also brought some of "Bulk Barn's" meringue powder. So I thought I'd give it a try in my royal icing. Well... no luck. Even though I don't use the traditional royal icing but a cross between Karen's Cookies "MP Buttercream" and The Decorated Cookie's, "Royal Icing (Sort of)".... this just did not work. The consistency was just too runny. Even adding more powdered sugar didn't help.

So, I doctored it up with some Wilton's MP and tried it out. They didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted, but I will just let it go ;)

Now, these cuppies are on the "Nana and Papa" transport back to my nieces for their 9th's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Girls! I love you!

Horse Show Cookies

Cookies I made for a pitch in at a horse show. We've got horse heads, hat, barn, hay, ribbon, trophy, show saddle pad, boots and a snaffle bit.

Horse and Girl Birthday Cake

Horse and Girl gumpaste characters, with paisley on the side.

Life is like a chair of bowlies....

or in this case a Mary Engelbrightish teapot for my mother in law. Another use for my Wonder pan (not just for Barbies anymore!). Gumpaste handle, spout and checkerboard stripe at the bottom...everything else is buttercream!

What can Brown do for you?

Super busy week and I needed a quick UPS truck cake for my brother in law. This is actually a sheet cake, I cut out the hood and used a cookie cutter with the leftovers to cut out the wheels and glue them together with buttercream. I just did a quick star tip frosting, and used gumpaste for the window.

My brother in law... he took a photo of the cake and sent it to his boss! :)

Gig 'Em!

My sweet, wonderful, precious niece Keely is going away to college this week. Thank goodness she's just going to be moving to College Station, or else I'd have to pick up and move too (and she might think that's weird....) ;) She asked me to make some cookies to take to dinner with her friends this week!

Congratulations, Keely! I love you :)


My friend Crissy ordered a dozen crosses for her husband's and friend's baptism. She asked for pastel colors....

Thanks Crissy! :)

SpongeBob Birthday!

These survived a SpongeBob pool party this weekend! Lots of fun had by all!