Bautizo de Alba y Premio

Y quiero agradecer a Almudena del blog por haber pensado en este blog a la hora de decidir a quien le daba el premio, desde aquí mil gracias guapa, y no dejéis de visitarla que tiene cositas muy interesantes!!!! Este premio es para tod@s vosotr@s también, ya que ahora mismo no le dedico casi tiempo al blog y no quiero nombrar a nadie en particular....Gracias a tod@s por estar ahi!!!!

Regalito de American Dessert y Galletas Comuniones

Gracias May por tener siempre tantos detalles con nosotras y por regalarnos estos preciosos delantales,confeccionados por Judith de ,tiene un blog muy interesante y llenito de cositas!!!!

Cookie bites

My friend from middle and high school, Kari, ordered six dozen cookie bites to take to the teachers at her kids' school. They are the 'Legacy Lions' and their colors are green and gold. :)

Thank you so much Kari!!!

Birthday cookies

My good friend Darci ordered cookies for her daughter's birthday--leopard print circles (I love leopard print anything!), 'P's for the birthday girl's name, and guitars, all in light pink and chocolate brown. I love those colors.

I forgot to take a picture of the leopard-print circles, but they were pretty cute, too :)

Here is one of the guitars.....

We also did a plate of cookie bites for the adults! :)

Thanks Darci!!! And happy birthday to your sweet girl!!! :)

Space shuttles and UFOs

Faye, who I used to work with a few years ago ordered a dozen "space" themed cookies for her new husband's birthday. I was a little worried at first because I have never done any cookies like these before, but after googling space shuttles and making a few rough sketches, I felt like I was ready. :)

Thanks so much, Faye! Congratulations again and I really hope your hubby liked them! :)

Prom cookies

Two dozen cookies for my niece Keely and her friends to have after Prom :)

Superhero and Rock Star birthday!

My friend Danika ordered five dozen cookie favors for her kids' birthday party (she combined their parties.....superheros and rock stars--isn't that cute??)

The superheros for the birthday boy :)

Guitars for the birthday girl! (made to match the invitations)

Sooo, one of the guitars broke (waahh!!) and since I didn't have any extras (lesson learned!) I just made a simple monogram cookie for the birthday girl in the same colors.

Birthday girl is turning six......

And birthday boy is four!

Not the greatest picture, but here are a few of them wrapped up.....

Thank you SO much, Danika! I hope everyone enjoys them and that your sweet kiddos are happy!!! :)