Wedding favors

So, about a month ago Alison contacted me by email about doing to some cookies for her upcoming wedding shower. I asked where she lives and she told me Chicago.....I couldn't believe someone from Chicago had found the blog and wanted me to make cookies! So I asked her how she found me and come to find out, she googled "Chicago cookies" and my blog came up--I was confused at first until I remembered that I had done the Chicago cookie platter for my brother-in-law, and that particular blog entry was titled "Chicago cookies"! I thought that was pretty funny. :) Alison and I quickly became email friends as we talked back and forth about what she wanted for her cookies. I am happy to say that they all arrived in perfect condition and she was very happy with them. Yay!

So here they are....

Wedding cakes using Alison's and her fiance's initials and using their wedding colors

I know the picture quality is horrible, but I loved these dresses! I can't take credit for the idea,'s all over Flickr :)

Another shot with horrible lighting, but you get the idea!

Alison, thank you again SO much! I hope your shower is a huge success!!