Rock Star Butterflies

When Sandy told me that her granddaughter requested "Rock star butterflies" for her 6th birthday, I was a little worried since I told her I didn't know how to do them! I googled the term and nothing concrete came up, so I felt a little relieved that it's not just that I am getting older and am too uncool to know what that is. I mean, I probably am uncool, but anyway...... :) I was still worried, though, because I wanted them to be something she would like. So I took the colors she had in mind (pink, purple and yellow) and just went with it. Here is my take on the "Rock star butterfly"......

Some cookie bites in the same colors

All packaged up and ready to go to the party!

I had to show off my cute new stickers. :)

Thank you so much Sandy!! I hope your granddaughter likes them and that she has a wonderful birthday party!!
And I know this isn't related to butterflies, but I was so excited and had to share. My wonderful aunt Susie sent me these two books (it's so exciting to get a surprise at your door!) and I could not be more happy. I have been wanting the one on the left after reading about it online, but had no luck finding it at a book store around here, and the second one is just so cute and has such cool things in it. Thank you Susie--I love them and I love you! :)