More Halloween!

I made thirteen dozen cookies this week--all Halloween. :) I am a little worn out, but it was fun. Last night after I finished, I was ready for a break from cookies for a few days, and here I am today already wanting to do some more! I am definitely crazy :)

Here are some of the ones I did:

I loved the witch's legs--they were from a tutorial from Sugarbelle (of course!) I had done some in a previous set that I had seen on a Halloween card (I get some great ideas in the card aisle at Target, lol), but those I had just done on a square cutter. I loved how she used an upside-down baby onesie for these. The pumpkins on the cake stand was another idea from a card--I loved the cake stand, but wanted to make it more Halloween-ish, so I put a pumpkin on it instead of a cake. The coffin is from Sugarbelle, too. :)

Love these eyeballs! Kinda gross but so fun! :)

I may try to squeeze a few more in before Monday, so we'll see if I can do it!