Madison's Rainbow Birthday

 Well its here... my baby girl turned 5 this past week. I don't know what it is with 5 but it is totally freaking me out!! Not only me but all my friends who have 5's or to-be fives. I think it is because they are not babies, not toddlers, but kids- little independent- go to school all by themselves and make their own decision- big kids. And I guess because there is the thought one day- they won't need you (me that is). But then I remember, I still need my Mom.... so everything is alright in the world again. And I just have a sassy, independent FIVE year old!!! Who had a rainbow party and I think she had a great time?!!

 My attempt at a rainbow cake. It was alot easier than I thought to make- just alot harder to cut than expected. I tried to cut in wedges- like everyone does but it fell over. My Mom suggested I cut it in squares- but I didn't listen- which I should of and I admit it. I should have listened to my Mom- see I still need my Mom.
Mention: Check out Suga' on Facebook. She gave me the inspiration for the suns. The cake and lollipops were from The Decorated Cookie. Fantastic site for this and so much more!