Once Upon a Time....

... All over the world, (Korea included- that's the far far away part) 22 cookie bakin' women decided they didn't have enough on their plates, so they would create a "Virtual Fairy Tale Baby Shower."       I was lucky enough to be included.

Each of us were given a "Fairy Tale" to theme a baby shower around. Mine was Mulan. When I saw Mulan in the choices, I jumped on it. I was so excited to create something around this character. It held alot of memories for me. Mulan was the first movie I worked on when I joined the Walt Disney Feature Animation studio in 1994. It was also where and when I met my husband Kevin. We worked on the same crew/character... Mulan herself.

The tricky part for me was creating a "soft and cuddly" baby shower based on such a stark and heavy themed story. I don't find Mushu or Cricky to be too baby-friendly and my husband suggested I leave out the huns. Then, as I walked past the picture we have hanging in our house for the bazillionth (yes that is a real word) time, I new what I wanted to focus on. This picture is of Mulan and her father under the blossom tree. (Why did I just say blossom and not cherry blossom- well because I am not sure it is a cherry blossom tree. If you google Mulan- it says it is, yet they don't look like cherry blossoms. To me, they totally look like the magnolias out in my backyard- and that is why I say just blossom.)

These flowers are so soft, pretty, and elegant that I thought they would lend themselves very well to a baby shower. I was also reminded of the relationship between Mulan and her father. I loved my baby shower because I felt is was for both my husband and myself - Our new family - so I tried incorporating that as well. And so we have our Mulan baby shower. As my son says,..."ta-da"...

This adorable tag on the box is from "One Sweet Party." It could've been used as a bag tag but hey, I just couldn't resist using a take out box! I think they are so cute!!

This cookie was the largest cookie that I have done to date. (I hand cut this shape which was inspired by Georganne's cutter. It is about 5"x5") I used a Royal Icing transfer for this. If  you would like to see a little bit of my process and sketches, feel free to jump over to my Drawing Blog and have a look. But come on back- I have giveaway news!!!

Ok, glad you are back...or you never left... whatever. So... what to do with "Virtual Baby Shower Cookies?????" Well, my waistline can't handle them and Anita over at SweetHopeCookies  gave me an idea for a giveaway. I had wanted to do a giveaway if i ever I hit 1,000 likes on my FB page. Since the 1,000 mark has come and gone, I am having,.."THE BIG 1,336 LIKES GIVEAWAY."

Here is what you could win... this platter of 1 Dozen Mulan cookies. So sorry, but the large Mulan and Little Brother, just can't be included. I have an ongoing battle with my 5yr old daughter about how all the cookies leave this house, so I promised her this one. What do you want me to do, make her cry, scar her for life? She needs that cookie! You will still be getting the other 12, they all taste the same anyway ;)

Contest Rules: Here is what you do...

Click over to the right to follow me here on my blog, then leave a post saying you did.

(You can also, if you feel like it, jump over to my FB Page and give me a like, if you like.)

I will "close" the comments as of 10 p.m. central, TUESDAY night. I will then go to Random.org, generate a number, scroll down the this comment line, find who's number matches and that is who wins! Pretty simple right? I hope so, its my first giveaway- so please bear with me. :)

Sorry but I have to limit it to US and Canadian addresses only. (I just can't leave out my own peeps- yah Canucks!) Winner has 48 hrs to respond with mailing address before I pick another winner.

After you have entered the contest... hop around to the other "Baby Showers." There are so many wonderfully talented ladies there!!! I am so glad to be a part of this event. Yeah!!! Thanks to Anne from the Flour Box Bakery. Anne was the mastermind behind all of this. Please hop on over to her site to see her gorgeous cookies and more on this Cookie Event!

Once Upon a Time Baby Showers:

Little Red Riding Hood, presented by Angela of Oh, Sugar Events

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Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, presented by Susan of The Painted Cookie

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Aladdin, presented by Nicole of Life's a Batch

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Rapunzel, presented by Adrianne of Color Me Cookie

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Alice in Wonderland, presented by Debbie of Mt. Lookout Sweets

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Prince Charming of Cinderella, presented by Tiffany of The Red Cooky

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Jack and the Beanstalk, presented by Laura of Laura's Cookies

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Princess and the Pea, presented by Anne of Flour Box Bakery
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Pinocchio, presented by Stephanie of the Hungry Hippopotamus

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Peter Pan, presented by Elizabeth of SweetArt Sweets

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The Frog Prince, presented by Anita of Sweet Hope Cookies
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Jasmine, presented by Kimberly of Sweet Creations

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Little Bo Peep, presented by Lorraine of Lorraine's Cookies

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Tinkerbell, presented by Andrea of Cupookie

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Cinderella, presented by Hillary of The Cookie Countess

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Hercules, presented by Sarah of Songbird Sweets

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Sleeping Beauty, presented by Natalie of Palestine Painted Cookie

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Goldilocks, presented by Liz of Arty McGoo

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Robin Hood, presented by Teresa of Sweet T's Cakes

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Thumbelina, presented by Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle

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Ariel, presented by Georganne of LilaLoa

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Hope you enjoyed our collaborative cookie project!!!

And as a little aside.... here is my daughter's addition to the "Mulan Set." I told her I would include it online, so here it is in all its glory. (In case you don't know, she is 5 and has her own cookie company she says~ Cookies with Character2)