Do you see what I see?

When I was shopping way back around Christmas time, I happened across a very interesting cookie cutter. Of course I was not "shopping" for cutters as usual- they just find me and I have to buy them. But when this one popped out. I knew I had get it. So I ask you... What do you see?

I totally see a Penguin! My Mom says I am crazy for seeing a penguin. (well...she said "creative" in the way only mother's can say it- creatively crazy) And apparently I'm not the only one. My new cookie friend Lisa, over at TheBearfootBaker beat me to it. (I really can't believe I am posting my pics after seeing hers- they are awesome!)  She and another cookie friend of her's saw a penguin as well.  Although, I am told it is supposed to be an elf. Really? Ok if you say so- but then please tell me what is that little thingy below his ear on the right side???

So, finally I had some time, post Christmas to play with my cookies and here is what I came up with.

A pink Penguin for my little girl and a snowman for my little man. My poor kids, they don't get to eat anything sweet these days until I have photographed it! And even then, I make them wait until I can download them and see if they have turned out well or not.
...and a few snowman heads.... just because I can.

Happy winter all!! ~K