Playing catch-up!

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! Probably because I haven't. :) I've done a few cookies orders since the last one I posted, so in order to save time I'll just put the recent ones all together here.....

The dinosuars and owls were for Angela, a friend of mine from middle school, who has twins! They were celebrating their first birthday, so she wanted dinos for the boy and owls for the girl. :)

With these next few, I was just playing around with some leftover dough and icing, and wanted to try and do some designs I'd seen on some cards......

Some more back-to-school cookies for my friend Michele, who ordered them for the parents at open house!

Thos set was for my friend Stacey, who was helping to host a hot pink and black-themed bridal shower......I love those colors! Six dozen cookie bites :)

Here I was just practicing some Halloween Cookies--can't wait to do more of these! :)

This little guy was from a tutorial from LilaLoa!

And finally, some more A&M cookies for a sweet lady I met at William Sonoma when I went in looking for a new bowl for my Kitchen Aid mixer! We got to talking and she asked what I was going to be baking, and one thing led to another and before long I was showing her cookie pics on my phone! I think hubby was probably slightly embarrassed. :) Anyway, she contacted me shortly after and wanted some A&M cookies for a dear friend of hers. So here are a few before they got shipped off to College Station! Thank you so much Barbara! :)